Testimonials - Parents
Shanti Juniors
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Student Name
Remarks by parents
Mrs. Archana Nair
Rahul Nair
He Started to express himself at Shanti Juniors
Mr. & Mrs. Vishal
Yajat Raval
I admire the way techers take care of the childrens
Ms. Pririparna
I was impressed with the children performing fearless on the stage during annual day eventI admire the way techers take care of the childrens
Shanti Asiatic School
Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
Annunay Sharma
We are satisfied with the work done in school. The child studies properly at home. His behavior is also very good.
Mr. Ashish Goyal
Ayush Goyal
This is a very good school. In future it will be the best school of Jaipur. There is a lot of improvement in my child.
Mr. Naveen Sethia
Dev Sethia
The school is good with nice and kind staff and healthy environment.
Mr. Shyampratap Singh Rathor
Mishka Rathor
We are fully satisfied with the school. Her behavior has changed for the good.
Mr. Mahendra Sharma
Gunjan Sharma
I really appreciate your effort. She is doing well in all the activities.
Mr. Santosh Kr. Gupta
Ayushman Gupta
I am satisfied with his studies. Teachers take personal care of the child. Child is becoming confident.
Mr. Mahendra Singh
Harshita Choudhary
I am very happy with her progress.
Mr. Kamlesh Garg
Nihaan Garg
Class rooms are very clean and teachers are too good.
Mr. Verain Pahadia
Sayuri Jain
Good to see the attention of staff and teachers towards students. Everyone is very responsive.
Mr. Naveen Kumar
Shreehan Sharma
A very good class. Child is doing well.
Mr. Bhawani Singh Shekhawat
Anshwardhan Singh
I am happy with the school.
Dr. Ram Daga
Anushka Daga
Extremely happy with the school and child’s performance.
Mr. Ashish Goyal
Ashvi Goyal
Happy with Ashvi's growth.
Mr. Pankaj Agarwal
Avika Agarwal
Good level of teaching. We are satisfied with the school.
Mr. Mahesh Kr. Gupta
Rudraksh Gupta
We are satisfied with the studies in school.
Mr. Pushkar Lamba
Purvanshi Choudhary
We are satisfied with the class teacher and studies in the class.
Mr. Pramod Kr. Swami
Nitin Swami
He is studying well. We are satisfied with the school.
Mr. Suresh Chand Mali
Hitesh Tanwar
The school environment is very good. I am satisfied with his progress.
Mr. Manish Pareek
Dhruv Pareek
He is doing well.
Dr. Sunil Gupta
Tashu Gupta
We are satisfied with the school. Teachers are caring and very hard working. My daughter is performing well.
Mr. Ravinder Sharma
Pulkit Sharma
Good efforts by the teachers.
Mr. Sudarshan Rawat
Dhruv Rawat
We appreciate the teachers’ efforts. He is working hard and will do well in future.
Mr. Pankaj Agarwal
Arav Agarwal
Teaching is very good.
Mr. Piush Khandal
Bhavya Khandal
Satisfied with all the activities and efforts of the school staff.
Mr. Satpal Dhilan
Garima Dhilan
We are happy with the school.
Mr. Arun Lal Sharma
Ishita Sharma
Lots of improvement observed. Thanks.
Mr. Ajay Yadav
Manu Yadav
Excellent performance.
Mr. Manoj Sharma
Raghav Sharma
He is slowly opening up and taking part in class discussions.
Mr. Naresh Khetan
Naksh Khetan
Has become more confident. His performance has improved.
Mr. Kailash Meena
Abhishek Meena
We are happy that he has improved a lot in this whole session.
Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sharma
Vinay Sharma
I am fully satisfied with the school. Teaching methods are very good. Personal attention is given. I am fully satisfied with the school. Teaching methods are very good. Personal attention is given.
Mr. Santosh Kr. Gupta
Aarushi Gupta
I am glad to see her performance. We thank the teachers for all their support.
Mr. Shivdeep Sharma
Excellent teaching. Application based problems related to the theory taught in the class are beneficial for creativity and development of students.
Mr. Neel Ratan Bajaj
Nidhi Bajaj
She is doing well. Good participation in co-curricular activities. Teachers take pain in overall development of child.
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta
Aditi Gupta
Thanks for all the good efforts with my child to develop her personality.
Mr. Sachin Jain
Taaran jain
He is trying to do more. With the help of teachers he will surely do well.
Mr. Sunil Kr. Malpani
Vatsal Malpani
He is doing well in all the subjects. Teacher focus on content development.
Mr. Rajkumar Kumawat
Ankit Kumawat
Good work. Teachers are very attentive.
Mr. Vishnu Sharma
Vibhor Sharma
I am happy with the school.
Mr. Surya Prakash Kaushik
Shivam Kaushik
We are happy with his performance. We will help him to perform well in future.
Mr. Rakesh Agarwal
Ninad Agarwal
He is feeling confident and good.
Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sharma
Mansi Sharma
I am fully satisfied with my ward's performance.
Shanti's Hopskotch
I am impressed by the overall setting and design of Shanti HopSKotch's Thaltej centres, which I find provide a nurturing environment for children to learn and interact with one another.
It's the best feeling (to all of us) and we honestly couldn't wish for anything else!! Shanti's HopSkotch is a life changing experience.
"No other prep school, no other faculty, holds your family’s cares so close to heart. What more can any family possibly want for their child?"
"I don't know how anyone could develop a school better than this. Every parent here is lucky."
The atmosphere at Shanti's HOPSKOTCH is one of warmth and acceptance. Combined with loving discipline to let each student know they are valued and important.
One has to truly experience Harbor to truly understand its unique qualities and abilities to meet the needs of our children. It is a remarkable place.