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Establishing a new school and sharing your vision through education with the world is one of the most satisfying choices you'll make. Be it choosing the right kind of place or considering your dream in the form of construction of school, developing a comprehensive curriculum, negotiation for non-profit status or finally opening your school we cater to all.

Owning and establishing a school means:

  Dealing with fresh brains.
  Conformity of success in educational sector.
  A role model in society; being part of change.
  Scope of expansion.
  Better returns on investment.

At SEIL, we have created the Franchisee Support System for our partners that assist them with every conceivable issue that may arise in setting up a school. Our partners get benefited from being part of a well established educational organization. For a better delivery system we always believe in taking regular feedbacks and inputs from our partners.

SEIL Scope of Work (for Greenfield School projects)

  Assistance in project planning and conceptualization.
  Assistance in infrastructure development planning.
  Systems and processes, including SOP's, MIS, Audit, etc.
  Human resource planning and training support.
  Marketing and branding support.
  Research and development.
  Curriculum planning and implementation.
  Technology support.

SEIL helps the existing schools to unlock their potential growth through improved operations and focused approach. We believe that every school is unique hence it needs to develop an exclusive plan to move ahead. A comprehensive audit exercise in different department helps us to derive the Need-Gap analysis report and plan customized operation and marketing plan for your school. As every school is different in their teaching – learning approach and administrative processes, SEIL helps the school to cater the parent's aspirations and reach next level growth for the school.

SEIL desires to impact the student's learning and grooming so that when they step out of the school and enter the larger world, they emerge as free, confident, caring, creative, sensitive Global citizens with great Indian values ready to take on challenges that await them.

Our working methodology:
SEIL believes in providing a collaborative approach towards the school development. We understand the aspiration of the Trust and the parent requirements; hence we can easily bridge the gap of aspiration VS requirements in a professional way. We provide end to end school management services to the Trust / Society / Sec.25 Company, which includes school administration, teacher's recruitment and training, quality management systems and audits, technology support, etc. Our efforts result in improved admissions, collections and re-positioning of the school in the locality and gradually in the city. We also provide our expertise and services in branding, marketing and improved positioning.

Scope of work in existing schools:
  Market research for Business Planning.
  Business Plan with projections for expansion and growth.
  Need-gap Analysis (in present Academics, operations and administration).
  Bring Systems and Processes for effective outcome.
  Cultural Change Management.
  Recruitment & Training.
  Competency Mapping.
  Leadership Development.
  Branding and Marketing.
  Best Corporate Practices in the system.

Greenfield Schools

  Minimum 2 acres of land size with in district Head Quarters, 1 acre in Metro cities and hilly areas.
  Needs to find the property as per SEIL guidelines.
  Procurement of Seat Material from SEIL, NOC, permissions and Licenses from respective government departments / officials to set up a new school.

Existing schools

  Any school affiliated with State/National/International curriculum, with minimum fee structure of Rs.15,000/- and above with at least 500+ students and 2 acres of land.
  Invest in renovation / refurbishing of the property as per SEIL guidelines.

Common requirements for both categories:

  Recruitment of the school staff to be done as per SEIL guidelines.
  Adhere to all SOP's and processes given by SEIL, for smooth functioning and quality deliverables at the school.
  Bear all operational expenses of the school.
  Promotion and branding of the School as per the specification and guidelines given by SEIL.

SEIL offers complete end to end solutions to bring visible change that would make school grow in all verticals. Following are the key contribution areas of SEIL in the school projects:

  Assistance in School infrastructure and design.
  Branding & Marketing.
  School Expansion plan and growth strategy.
  School management systems, development of manuals, MIS report and processes.
  Sustainable business models.
  Leadership development.
  New admissions and retention programme.
  Rigorous training programme for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  Complete Quality management systems.
  Daily operational guidance & support.
  Building school governance manuals.

The SEIL programme has been designed to directly address and deliver on the following factors:

1. Competency mapping & upgradation in:
  Communication and articulation.
  Classroom Management and teaching methods.
  Teacher creativeness.

2. Curriculum and Pedagogy
  Inquiry based learning.
  Effective Assessments and testing tools.
  Activities to enhance multiple intelligences.

3. Holistic Development
  Exploratory learning environment.
  Extracurricular activities mapped to the curriculum.
  Unique Arts, Sports and Co-curricular programme.

4. Quality
  Standardized administration processes.
  Common measurement tools for academic performance.
  Innovative teaching methodologies.

5. Technology
  Use of multimedia-based approach in teaching.
  School ERP and website for all school information and communications.
  Common platform for the teachers to share innovative ideas, resources and lesson plans.

We have been recognized as an innovative organization, dedicated to developing the most exclusive, educationally inclined and planned K-12, pre-school programme.

Following are the key advantages of being part of SEIL group:

  Vast experience in education sector.
  Successful and viable business model.
  Availability of school uniforms, books & stationery.
  Guidance in school's infrastructure development.
  Guidance in manpower planning and Human Resource Management.
  Problem solving effectively including administrative, marketing, academics etc.
  Absolute support and assistance in day to day operations of the school.

SEIL advantages to -

  Significant benefit from school growth.
  Better positioning of the school resulting in improved admissions and revenue.
  Professionally managed school.
  Develop as one of the best competitive school of choice for the parents.
  Hassle-free administration of the school.

  Incredible support of teachers, academic team and counselors.
  Excellent home-school partnership.
  Perfect balance between Indian values & global education standards.
  Regular updates on child development and growth requirements.
  Active participation in school activities.

  Exposure to latest curriculum and pedagogy.
  Extensive Teacher's training programme for constant development in teaching skills.
  Common platform & forum for the teachers to discuss solve and share new teaching methods.
  Exceptional growth possibilities in the organization.

  Exposure to global education platform.
  Strong foundation of Indian values for lifelong learning.
  Technology enabled learning.
  Stress free, caring and Global learning environment.

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