Shanti's Hopskotch Preschool

    Shanti's Hopskotch Preschool: A premium category preschool chain by Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited (SEIL) established in the year 2013 to serve the niche segment of the society who aspires for premium quality education, hygienic ambience and global learning platform for their child.

    Till now 500+ children are educated in multiple centers at Ahmedabad. Hopskotch centers deliver educational program with a clear objective to develop 8 multiple intelligence along with experiential learning for life time. This makes us different from any other preschool brand in India.

    Hopskotch centre offers following programmes across locations:

      Mother Toddler Programme (1 - 2 years)

      CHEEZ (2 - 3 years)

      Hoppers - Nursery (3 - 3.5 years)

      Jumpers - Junior KG (3.5 - 4.5 years)

      Racers - Senior KG (4.5 - 5.5 years)

    Hopskotch programmes are designed using a combination of Reggio Emilia approach and Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence.

    The primary focus at Hopskotch centre is to develop the following skills amongst the students:
    Includes speaking, listening, viewing, reading, writing & representing along with articulation of language.

    Includes physical development and expression through art, craft, dance, role plays, acting etc.

    Includes responding to music/ patterns of sounds, ability to sing, picking up melodies and rhythms, playing Music etc.

    Includes understanding of how to interact with people, working in group, leading, organizing communication, resolving conflicts.

    Includes understanding of one's strength & weakness, emotions & thoughts, ability to work/ analyse individually, setting goals.

    Includes understanding nature - animals & plants, observing their characteristics and analysing.

    Includes the ability to see things around, imaginary visualisation, solving puzzles, drawing, imagine described situation or things.

    Includes understanding of numbers, patterns, calculations & timelines, spatial awareness, application of logic, problem solving skills and handling

    Every parent today, looks for the best education for their child and when it comes to Early Childhood Education, parents are even more cautious, as these are Foundation years for the child to learn, grow and develop.

    Hopskotch programme meets the objective of every parent who aspires to send their children for Early Childhood Learning from 2 to 5.5 years of age. Following are the advantages at Hopskotch Center:
      Excellent Infrastructure.
      Multiple Zones for effective and experiential learning.
      Hygienic Environment.
      Focus on developing Multiple Intelligence.
      All activities required for a child for overall development in Hopskotch.

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Shanti's Hopskotch - Thaltej
53, Aditya Residency,
Nr Thaltej Fire Station,
Tel : +91-9825006679

Shanti's Hopskotch - Motera
Block A,
Devnandan Avenue,
Stadium Road,
Tel : +91-9824001603

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